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New Rebel Issues

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Good Day, picked up my Rebel last week and notice upon vehicle inspection that the front right bumper was approx 1/2 inch lower then the left side. Dealer indicated they will address the issue (in writing). Picked up the vehicle today and noticed the issue was not fixed. The dealer indicated they contacted RAM Canada and RAM said this was within tolerance and all Rebels were manufactured this way. Has anyone else experienced this issue, any assistance in this matter would be of great assistance
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My paint is screwed up in two places. Not major but annoying none the less. I just beat up the dealer more on the price. Mopars quality control has never impressed me
I just lived with my paint issues. Ram would just have a local body shop do the paint work. I did not want a new truck that has had paint work done on it and I figure that there would be tape lines and overspray on it. That would bug me more then the small defect
I agree 100%. I just know that I'm picky enough that I'd never be happy with the repair from a paint shop. When I get back home, I'll snap a pic of my defect.
Also the first time that I stuck the key in the ram box lock, the entire lock guts pulled out with the key
Day 1 of having my truck I drove it home in the rain and I noticed a one inch strip of fog on the bottom of the headlights. I didn't check to see if it was on the inside or outside. So there better not be a faulty seal!!
That's because the lights are not venting enough. The led lights don't generate enough heat to burn off the moisture. There's a TSB on the repair
1 - 4 of 56 Posts
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