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New Rebel in Tennessee

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I've been looking at these trucks ever seince there was rumors of them.
Well last night we were in East Tennessee for my grandmothers 100th birthday and I was surfing autotrader and Cumberland CDJR had one just like I built on Rams web site . So me and the wife went and looked at it . 1.5 hours later we were driving it back to Nashville. I traded my 2015 jeep rubicon hard rock edition in on it. I absolutely love this truck . I can't wait until they make some good aftermarket stuff for it.
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Been noticing a good portion of people coming over from Jeeps to this, might be what motivated Jeep to come out with their own truck... smart play I have to say. Just not sure how much longer it will be till that happens.
Yup lots of us jumping ship from jeeps. I actually started a thread for it. Haha
Welcome and congrats on your new Rebel!
I traded my 2015 jeep rubicon for my 2016 rebel.
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I've always had a Wrangler , but meow I'm. A little older and maybe wiser lol. I had to get a truck. Plus me and the wife went last month and traded her 2014 diesel Grand Cherokee summit in on a SRT for her ,then realized what are we going to tow our 5000# camper with. The SRT is rated to tow that but my is not going to. I love the look and the interior on this Rebel . I am completely happy with this truck.
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