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New rebel in Nashville,TN

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Traded my wrangler in on a new rebel! Love the truck.
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Welcome! Congrats on the Rebel! What color and options did you get?
Nice trade!

I heard Jeep might be coming out with a truck in the future, have you heard anything about that?
I have heard that Jepp was but there has been talk about that for years.
Here is a pic of my window sticker


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Always disliked how high the destination charge is on these, never thought it would be as high as it is, but i bet some people have been able to negotiate that down or off the OTD price.
Never really thought of the Wrangler as a natural alternative to the Rebel...

Glad to have you though.

Are you still paying attention to what the next generation Wrangler will be like?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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