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joined this site to get more insight on the new ram rebel.
loved ram trucks for longer than i can remember!
already pleased with what ram has been doing with the 1500 lately and now with the Rebel... the 1500 line up is looking even sweeter :cool:
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Kentucky here. Looking to replace a truck very soon and torn between another Laramie or waiting for the Rebel. Really want to at least know when orders will open up!

Good choices, before the Rebel was made official, i was also considering the Laramie.

Not sure when orders will be opened up.
Welcome, Springfield here...
New Jersey here, seriously considering trading in my challenger for a truck.
welcome to the forum guys
New Florida member here. Already have a fully loaded Big Horn. Have a small coupe sports car that our family can no longer ultilize. Will be waiting for the Rebel release to check it out first hand. Once it's out I will be purchasing a Rebel or maybe another Big Horn.
That's why I love trucks, use em for just about anything :D

What sports car you guys have?
that generation was also my favorite
and seeing how design has progressed it makes me appreciate its timeless design even more

but that makes me wonder how we'll view the current design generations down the road... hmmm
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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