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Just bought my 2016 Dodge Rebel and I Love it. Comes with tons of options including Air Ride Lifting which is very important when trying to hook up a Trailer. Smooth Ride. Good On Gas. I Traded in a 2013 Dodge Sport which was very nice low miles 10.000 but not very Manly Looking. The 2016 Rebel Is A Hit Out of The Park!


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You'll love the Rebel. Those stickers come on it or did you put them on?
LOVE the stickers! I could give you a big 'ol bro-hug! Also, welcome my friend, I think you'll fit in just fine here. I feel it is necessary to let all newbies know to check the fuses and be sure they are properly seated. It's kind of a weird issue, but one many have had regardless of which year. Other than that...bitchn' truck!!!
(Biggmackk) Little heads up. dodge does not make our trucks. dodge broke away from Ram back in 2011. Air suspension is standard for the Rebel as well.
Welcome to the forum, nice lookin Rebel!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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