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New member from orlando fl

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Got my rebel 3 months now and so far i love it, current mods whole music system changed out for jl audio c2s in the doors front 3.5s and rear tw3 subwoofer, alpine pdx-v9 amp which is the only thing not jl audio, undercover flex cover for the bed,rhino lined bed,bushwhaker fender flares, egr in channel wind deflectors, tinted windows even the front one,led light replacements for the head lights and anthem rims which are one thier way heres a couple of pics!
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Your Rebel sounds like it's ready for the bushes. Have you tried taking it off road yet?

Also, I can't see your pictures for some reason.
no not yet soon yea let me check why its not showing the pics
I'm really interested to see the audio setup and hear how it sounds ! Maybe try to upload the pictures with a hosting site like tinypic or something
Finally got some picks to download!


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Sweet ! Now realizing that I've seen these photos in another thread lol. What's next on the list ?
Yea i did not relized i had posted this twice thoght the first time did not go thru not sure yet
Finally got some picks to download!
Step and wheels went a long way in making the side profile look aggressive and beefy, great transition over from stock.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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