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Hi I bought my Rebel last night and i am stilltrying to learn all i can. I still need to find some answers on a few things. I need to return to the dealership today to drop off my second trade vehicle there. I looked over the owners manual and havent found much needed information i need to properly use my truck. I am hoping i can find some answers here. I will list some questions here.

1- on the raising & lowering i know there is NORMAL--AREO-- PARKING LOT. Is there another one for when you are in 4 WHEEL DRIVE MODE that lifts it some more & if so does the truck NEED to BE IN. 4- WHEEL DRIVE to lift it up more ?

2-- SPARE TIRE- is it the SAME size as the wheels & tires that are on the truck so that you could use it in case of a flat tire so you dont damage the axel because of 2 different sized wheels on the SAME axel ?
3-- when towing a heavy travel trailer and you have the trucks ride height set at NORMAL OR AREO & have the trailer hitch ball ( anti sway/ weight distributing setup ) if it is lets say at NORMAL, then reach the highway speed that causesvthe truck to switch to areo and then LOWER the truck making the balance, leveling, & safety chains
get to close to the ground or the front of the trailer dip/sag lower causing the weight balance to change while driving ?, i was told the truck has AUTOMATIC trailer load leveling , how would this all playout ?

4--- when using the built in trailer brake system on the truck does the truck adjust the trailer & truck to stop any trailer sway ? I cant remember if it was THE REBEL or another truck i was told does this ?

5--- the 5.7 Hemi has the MDS that shuts down 4 of the cylinders, is there a way to disable the MDS like you were able to in the CHALLENGERS when you set it to AUTO STICK which shut off. The MDS ?, I see there are GEAR UP & GEAR DOWN buttons on the steering wheel. This is my first experience with this new 8 speed transmission. My salesman had to leave last night and is off work a few days so i wasnt able to get these questions asked or answered at the dealership last night. I traded a 2016 challenger R/T 6 speed and my 2003 GMC SIERRA 4 X 4 on the REBEL. thank you for any help you can provide me with these questions.
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