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Hi, ijust joined this rebel forum, i am going to buy a 2016 rebel IF it checks out to be ok at the dodge dealer. I test drove it twice and it was delivered on a dealer trade .
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welcome to the forum.
what color rebel are you looking to get?
Hi, the Rebel I am looking at is White. Its a 2016. It showed 188 miles as it was driven to the dealership from California on a dealer vehicle trade. I test drove it and noticed a vibration in the steering wheel like a wheel or wheels were out of balance. It also felt like i had to hold the steering wheel on the right side as the truck seemed to want to slowly drift to the left. On the city streets at 25-35 mph in center lane, ( no traffic as the cars were waiting behind their red light) as i was going strait at 30 mph, i floored it and the truck stsrted to veer to the left. Repeated this 3 times and same thing. Salesman said something about it being torque doing it. Thry put it in shop fou d 2 wheels out of balance fixed that but salesman and service mgr, tried to get the truck to do the " vere to the left issue" & of course they didnt get it to do that. Im going to have to go back and redrive it with service mgr to see what happens. I have seen many posts about problems the rebel has such as serious water leaks around sunroof and both door grab handles above the doors. I will be trading my 2016 challenger R/T & my 2003 GMC SIERRA 4 X 4. I need a good truck to pull my travel trailer and want muscle far styling. The Rebel fits both. Ijust dont want tomake the wrong choice.
Ps, whatco,or is your Rebel ?
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Be aware that on forums you hear more about problems than people with no problems. FCA vehicles are known to be a little unreliable though. Interested to hear what your final decision will be. Please keep us updated.
Hi RAMageddon &Maverick, i bought my Rebel last night and i am stilltrying to learn all i can. I still need to find some answers on a few things. I need to return to the dealership today to drop off my second trade vehicle there. I looked over the owners manual and havent found much needed information i need to properly use my truck. I am hoping i can find some answers here. I will list some questions here.

1- on the raising & lowering i know there is NORMAL--AREO-- PARKING LOT. Is there another one for when you are in 4 WHEEL DRIVE MODE that lifts it some more & if so does the truck NEED to BE IN. 4- WHEEL DRIVE to lift it up more ?

2-- SPARE TIRE- is it the SAME size as the wheels & tires that are on the truck so that you could use it in case of a flat tire so you dont damage the axel because of 2 different sized wheels on the SAME axel ?
3-- when towing a heavy travel trailer and you have the trucks ride height set at NORMAL OR AREO & have the trailer hitch ball ( anti sway/ weight distributing setup ) if it is lets say at NORMAL, then reach the highway speed that causesvthe truck to switch to areo and then LOWER the truck making the balance, leveling, & safety chains
get to close to the ground or the front of the trailer dip/sag lower causing the weight balance to change while driving ?, i was told the truck has AUTOMATIC trailer load leveling , how would this all playout ?

4--- when using the built in trailer brake system on the truck does the truck adjust the trailer & truck to stop any trailer sway ? I cant remember if it was THE REBEL or another truck i was told does this ?

5--- the 5.7 Hemi has the MDS that shuts down 4 of the cylinders, is there a way to disable the MDS like you were able to in the CHALLENGERS when you set it to AUTO STICK which shut off. The MDS ?, I see there are GEAR UP & GEAR DOWN buttons on the steering wheel. This is my first experience with this new 8 speed transmission. My salesman had to leave last night and is off work a few days so i wasnt able to get these questions asked or answered at the dealership last night. I traded a 2016 challenger R/T 6 speed and my 2003 GMC SIERRA 4 X 4 on the REBEL. thank you for any help you can provide me with these questions.
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1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Just fine.
4. ?
5. Yes.

Now for the long answers:
1. Offroad mode is 1" higher than Normal. Click the raise button until you get 4 red lights. If you don't know which button that is, it's discussed many times in this forum and in your manuals. NOTE: At 25mph, the computer automatically takes you out of Offroad into Normal mode.

2. Spare tire is a spare the same height, on a steel rim. It's not a donut, at least not on mine.

3. Aero mode is only about an inch lower than normal. It's not enough to cause a serious weight shift in a trailer.

4. Dunno. I'd have to read the manual.

5. Yes, you can click the downshift once and it will disable the MDS. There are most posts about this in the forum. Lots of good reading in here.
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Would you opt for a full size spare that's the exact same wheel and tire combo as the wheel set we get?
Regarding question 1, it does not have to be in 4wheel drive to raise the suspension to the OFF ROAD mode, I do it all the time when I'm driving through a parking lot or parking next to a regular Ram 1500 and want to show off a little :)

Regarding question 2, the spare tire that came with mine, which I did not notice until a month after I bought it, is a Goodyear Wrangler 265/70 R17; the stock Toyo's are 285/70 R17, so from what I've read the spare is a little more than an inch less in diameter than the Toyo's. The feedback I got on this forum said its not going to cause a problem if you get a flat tire and don't need to drive too far to get if fixed but I'd rather not find out.
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