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New MD Rebel owner

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Got my Rebel in June after months and months of searching for a vehicle I would love. I'm loving it so far. Taking it for my first off road adventure tomorrow on the beach for a day of sand and surf and wild ponies. I do regret not getting the 8.4 vs my 5" audio. But the sound is subpar in both, so I may upgrade to a 7" aftermarket with more features and better sound, so may be glad I saved the money. I am having rear seat DVD installed as I type this for my kids. I also added a Bakflip VP cover and a Bedrug. And I LOVE my ram boxes for organization.
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Congrats looks great man. I need to do the same and take off to beach and do some 4x4 testing. What you think of the Bakflip, probably on my next to do list
Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your purchase. Hope you talk some pictures on the beach with the Rebel !!
The Bakflip is great. A bit more complicated to install with the RamBox but not too hard. Pretty water resistant. After the other nights flooding rain here that made national news, the corners by the drains were slightly damp. No issues though
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