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Hi all!

Just got this big bada$$ truck, couldn't resist those year end deals. Spent a long time looking for black Rebel for the right price. Got lucky and found a totally loaded Mopar '16 edition and grabbed it. Only two days since I picked it up, loving it so far. I've gotten nothing but compliments from anyone who looked at it.

My only complaint is how the dealership put ugly floppy rear mud flaps on by just putting three bolts through the wheel wells. Going to have to address that fast somehow before the holes corrode. You can see what they did in the pic below......idiots. Looking for nice molded flaps/guards that will fit the larger special flares and not having much luck.

Bought a stubby antenna for it so far. Also the proper Mopar16 edition black wheels came in boxes, going to have to get them mounted. The stock Rebel wheels are nice too though. :D


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