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New From PA

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Hey All,
Considering getting a Ram Rebel along with either a Jeep Hard Rock or TRD Pro Tundra.

Got to trade in my Evo for something that can do some towing and off roading on the weekend.

Hope to learn more as I decide which one is right for me!

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Welcome to the forum! How much weight do you plan to tow or what do you plan to tow?
Welcome! I am in the same boat you are, I am currently trying to sell my 2013 EVO GSR to purchase a Rebel.
I hope you are in Western PA. There is not enough room for two Rebels on the east side of the state. LoL!


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Welcome I am in VA but spend 1-2 Weekends a month between Central and northern PA! Such a great Truck and i have no regrets trading in my Rubicon
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