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New 2016 Rebel Orderered

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Just ordered my new 2016 Rebel. It seems you can now get it completely loaded, I was able to get Sunroof, Rambox, etc... I know about a month ago it was noted your couldn't get both, but now it is open.

I ordered Grey, with all options except for the limited slip differential.

Bad news, they said it may be around Christmas before I see it, the factory is slowing down due to issues with recalls, at least that is what the dealer was told.
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Why didn't you get the LSD? I know for a lot of people it is a must to have, i'm actually imagining the take rate of it to be quite high when looking at those numbers over an extended period of time.
hey welcome to the boards!! also curious why you didn't option LSD most people feel like this truck should have one standard...
Maybe you'll get it just in time for Christmas! A gift for yourself.
How much was it fully loaded?
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