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Two weeks in, 700 miles, and no issues other than the mismatched tail lights which dealer is correcting. Under normal acceleration, you hardly feel the transmission shift, you'd never guess it was an 8 speed automatic. The ride is outstanding, no rattles or squeaks, no tire noise, very smooth. The MDS, unlike in the 2013 SRT8 Challenger I had, is hardly noticeable when it comes in and out. Check the bumper issue noted by another member and mine is fine. I plan on getting step bars from dealer as soon as they become available (for the wife's shorter legs!). I was surprised it didn't come with wheels locks and have purchased those. Will be getting windows tinted to match as soon as I have my permanent registration from DMV. Since I have the only Rebel in my area, tt's funny to watch the reaction on the road from other Dodge Ram owners, a lot of head turning. Took a day road trip and averaged 20.1 on the highway and it looks like 15-16 around town.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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