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My Rebel had some fun today

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My buddy and I took our trucks off roading today and we were VERY impressed with how my little half ton did. My buddy drives a 2014 Powerwagon and I have a 2015 Rebel. Kind of did a little head to head challenge driving through trails and other off road obstacles. I wish I had pictures to post but right at the end of the day I dropped my phone in the River while parked the river bank...:(

Here's how the truck did compared to the Powerwagon...

Aggressive Off Road Climbs: The Rebel felt more glued to the hill. The Powerwagon made it up, but it was a rougher ride. The Rebel did much better than I thought on this segment. The only thing that sucked was spending a couple moments on 3 wheels. With the Powerwagons disconnects, his wheels were always on the ground.

Mud Bogs: The Rebel got stuck. Yeah, it sucked. But I would only contribute this to the tires. Definitely getting some BFG KO2s for her before winter. The factory Powerwagon tires have much more bite for mud.

Trails: The rebel definitely had the upper hand. With the suspension jacked up all the way, plenty of clearance. The Powerwagon obviously has much more ground clearance but the Rebel has enough. I only rubbed my skid plates once. The cool thing was there was a part of the trail that had low height clearance because there was a tree that had fallen. I just dropped my suspension to get under it while my buddies Powerwagon got his roof scraped. My truck definitely handled the trails better being smaller than the Powerwagon. Also, it was a better (softer) ride than the Powerwagon. The Rebel being much lighter I believe made it a better wheeler in some circumstances.

River Crossing: The river where we crossed was only around 1.5 feet deep. I was very hesitant as I didn't want to get water in places it shouldn't be but I went through it anyways. My buddy with the Powerwagon plowed through it with water going everywhere. He actually stalled out his motor. I took it slow across the river, made it all the way across and pulled him back to the river side. That was definitely a happy moment for me! No water in the cab either.
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Plan to try this trail again with better tires so you don't get stuck again?
Sounds like the Rebel was more versatile on trails compared to the Powerwagon, most likely because of it's ability to raise or lower it's clearance. How did your friend manage to get out of the river if he stalled?
I had to pull him him across. And yes, definitely a trip I'll making more often with my new truck. I had a 2014 Ram Express but it wasn't as much fun because I was always worried about ripping off my plastic bumper.
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That was some great feedback from your experience with the Rebel, too bad there aren't any photo's/video's to go with this but i'm sure in the future that'll happen. Looking forward to updates.
Thats a great little write up, cheers, try and get those pics off the memory card!!!
My phone doesn't have a memory card and stupid me didn't set up auto back up through google. Lesson learned the hard way I suppose. Probably next week on my next day off I will head back out though! I'll be sure to snap some pictures.
At least now you know for sure that your Rebel has enough power to pull a 2014 Powerwagon. :D
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As for the mud, that totally seems like something that is totally dependant on the tires you have.

What are these tires "BFG KO2s" that you mentioned? Are those the ones that you had equipped?
My buddy has the KO2s on his truck. I had those on my 2014 Ram 1500 and loved them. They are the new version of the BFG AT KO. I will most likely be getting those on my truck this winter. I haven't heard anything good about the Toyo tires that came factory on the Rebels in the snow.
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