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MPG concern

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So fellas I have the v6 motor and drive it in around town in Irvine, CA doing mostly city driving - stop and go. Got 2,500 miles on my truck and getting only 12 to 14 mgp on a good week. Kinda upset with the results.
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Yes I understand. I had an 05 f150 lariat v8 and full economy was not great and when i raised it and stacked it with wheels as we have on our Rebels. The mpg when south real fast. I was hitting 9 mpg so i can understand that, however, RAM is advertising different numbers with this setup and I am not seeing it so that is what i find confusing. Perhaps the motor still needs to break-in. Let us see what happens.
It's not about mpgs, it's about getting the advertised mpgs, as you said. The mpgs on the V8 Rebels are generally lower than the other 1500s despite the same advertised range, and for obvious reasons (LT tires, lift). Plenty of threads about this, but not much anyone can do.

If you had the V8, I'd say get over it and just enjoy the power, like I did. But the main reason for the V6 is mpgs, so I'd tell the dealer to figure it out (knowing they probably can't) or get you a Hemi.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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