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Motor Trend Drives the Ram Rebel

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Thankfully Motor Trend sets the record straight in the first paragraph

this is Ram’s rebuttal to Ford’s FX4 Off-Road package for the F-150, Chevrolet’s Z71 Off-Road package for the Silverado, Toyota’s TRD Pro package for the Tundra, and Nissan’s Pro-4X package for the Titan. Set your expectations accordingly.
Turns out the tires are one of the best pieces of kit RAM could of given to the Rebel...

All this perhaps best illustrates the Rebel’s key feature: Ram’s inspired choice of the Toyo Open Country A/T tire. Not just for show, these knobby wonders clawed their way through every surface we could find. Even completely saturated with taffy mud, they continued to dig in and keep the truck moving. Note that this was the same sort of mud that shut down the off-road driving course at the nearby Overland Expo (where, incidentally, attendees had high praise to sing of the Toyo Open Country A/T). More than simply getting us through the cinder, mud, and snow (without needing to be aired down, as we discovered by trying it both ways), the tires helped keep the truck well under control in all conditions. Be it blasting down a packed gravel road, working through the mud, or turning onto a paved road, the tires bit hard and kept the rear of the truck firmly planted. Getting it sideways took considerable effort, and any slip it gave was predictable, linear, and easily controlled.
But read the whole thing before I go and ruin it for you ;)

2015 Ram 1500 Rebel First Drive - Motor Trend
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Very good read. I think truck yeah http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/first-drive-we-figured-out-what-the-ram-rebel-is-by-tr-1705396977 is really good read as well. Sounds like mostly positive reviews from everything I've read. I'm super excited. Can't wait to orders open up
Love their feedback on the suspension setup, while comfort isn't a top priority, we're at least getting it to some extent off-road and on:
Of course, credit for this stability also goes to the Bilstein shocks and Ram’s suspension tuning. The air spring and shock combination (not to mention the fat tire sidewalls) provided a surprisingly comfortable ride both on-road and off. The combo proved adept at handling large and small bumps and holes in pavement, and it soaked up off-road obstacles just as well. The suspension has no more travel than standard Rams, but in all our beating on it, we only managed to bottom out the suspension once. Let’s be clear about this: My co-drivers and I were not nice to this truck, at all, and we couldn’t hurt it.
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