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Mopar Skid Plate Numbers

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I'm trying to confirm the part numbers to order a complete set of skid plates. Does anyone know if these will work. It's kinda hard to tell as some websites don't specifically say if they are for 2016 or Rebel specific. I'm assuming they are since not much has changed. Looks like they are a simple install bolting right on. Let me know if anyone has experience with these numbers and/or installed them. Here they are:

Transfer case. 82210021AC
Power Steering. 82214241AB
Front Suspension 82210014AC (note some sites don't have the AC listed after the number though.

Thanks in advance.
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They shouldn't be Rebel specific because Rebel just means some trim pieces.

2016 brought no major changes to the Ram 1500. Frame should be the same as 2015. So far, everything else seems to be, aside from the trim mods. The only underpinnings that are actually different from the 2015 year that I've seen or heard of so far is the pre-installed nuts in the nerf bar mounting locations. But it wouldn't hurt to ask your dealer, as they should be able to double check quickly enough. Give them a call.

Be sure to let us know what happens.
The dealer wasn't helpful. They are simply going off my VIN and what parts match. So I gave them a VIN that had skid plates as an option installed and it looks like you have to buy all the pieces of kit individually to match what is in the computer. I'm assuming they will work but there is a significant price difference to buy individually the plate and cross member with hardware for the transer case only.
I am not an FCA employee so it's possible that I'm wrong. However, everything we've been led to believe by Ram so far is that the underpinnings are the same. You should note, however, that the transfer case itself is different from the standard Ram 4x4 transfer case. Whether that has any effect on the skid plate is unknown.

If I were you, I'd ask whether you get your money back if the parts don't fit. If you do, then buy them if you want them, and return whatever doesn't fit.

You could also take pics under another Ram to compare with your Rebel. They should have plenty on the lot.
PM me of you want. I custom ordered my 2016 Rebel with the protection package that came with the skid plates. You can use my VIN to look up what you need.
I was kind of surprised the rebel did not come with skid plates!
It's an option that's really only needed for 4-wheeling. Most things that are standard are the Rebel are cosmetic/aesthetic. But the Protection Package option was available for those needing it. I really don't need mine, the kind of offroading I normally do is unlikely to put me in need of it. But who knows.
Parts are special order so not refundable. I can order each piece individually which adds up to about $200 but I bet dollars to donuts that the kit they have offered for $110 has all the exact pieces in it, just not listes specific to 2016 models (yet, I presume) . Also don't really need them for off road but nice to have for road garbage you might encounter.
Does anyone have a picture of their undercarriage with the plates installed, front and rear? It would really help me solve this.
I would defiantly like to purchase them for off road garbage more than anything such as sticks, rocks etc! If someone has a place they purchased please let me know.

I would be interested in pics of what the skid plates look like. Mine didn't come with the protection package either and I would like to put them on.
Me too a stick or rock cracked the plastic cover on my 2016 Rebel transmission. $1100 to replace plastic cover and put new fluid in it. My extended warranty would not cover this.
Skid plate for Rebel Transmission

Does anybody have any information for a skid plate to protect the high dollar plastic transmission bottom plate.
Surprised someone hasn't fabbed up something by now.
I'm interested as well. Seems like $200 for the pieces is a small price to pay to protect the high dollar plastic transmission bottom plate. I'm going to reach out to my dealer to see if they can order these for me.
Ya I'm interested as well.....been looking all week and can't find 2017 ram 1500 specify skid plate. I don't want to buy the 2016 parts only to find out it won't fit....lol
iv just contacted mopar and from my understanding from them,2013-2017 skid plate are the same.
not really sure...
does it make sense ?
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