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Looking for stock OEM Rebel headlights

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Hey all...I'm blacking out all the chrome on my Sport model and I'm looking for a set of Rebel OEM headlights because of the black surround on the projector bulbs.

If anyone has gone aftermarket and has a set of OEM headlights they're not using anymore, please let me know.

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Good luck, I'm pretty sure Ram Rebel only made those for the partial year in either 2015 or 2016 and discontinued that due to flaking. I have a 17 and they're chrome. I may be upgrading to the 2019 but those are expensive.
Do you have a picture of the headlights you’re referring to? I have found a picture of a set of headlights that I like but I can’t figure out what the make and model of the headlight is. I have attached the picture I have found.
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