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Hello All!

I purchased my Rebel about 10 days ago. I wasnt even in the market for one at the time but was too good of a deal to pass up.

I was driving a 15 Tundra TSS 4x4 Crew Max. I was at the Toyota dealership getting a service done and started talking to the sales guy about the new TRD Pros. Was very impressed with them and he said he would give me a great deal if I traded mine in for a TRD Pro. I asked how great and he gave me a number.

I then texted the GM of the Dodge dealership. We had become good friends because I buy about 10 trucks a year for my company. He gave me a killer deal on my Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit that my wife drives. He said whatever they gave me for trade in they would add 500 bucks too.

So then I went over price for TRD Pro vs Rebel. The TRD Pro is actually much cheaper. He agreed to match the price. Similar build trucks with Navigation. So he set up all paper work for me and I went to the dealership the next day. Truck was all white. no ram boxes or cover (as this wasnt in our agreement) but should have had navigation. It still had the small display radio and of course no navi. I asked what happened and he said the guys must have forgot to swap radios. And go back to work and he would deliver with correct radio.

About 30 minutes later he called and said hey man this isnt as easy as I had hoped we cant just swap the radio but we can do a 500 dollar discount. I told him if no navi I dont want the truck but thank you. He said hold tight he was gonna fix this.

Another 30 minutes go by and he calls me and says he found me a different rebel, two tone (white and black) with navi. But it had Ram Boxes and cover. Everything else is the way I ordered. I said sweet but what about price. He agreed to do the same price for the truck.

it was a great deal and I was shocked. I like the truck alot, it rides great and I love the Hemi.

really the only thing I want to adjust is the size of the tires, I would like 35s. But thats another day.. :D


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