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Had two light bars added bottom one for traveling to west Texas deer are really bad so should be able to see further down the road.The top ones for off road and the hunting shack.
I like the way the lights look and how bright they are.
Draw back is the noise it sounds like it has it's own weather system going on. Sounds like winds from a hurricane. I talked with the people that installed them few things that can be done to reduce noise but not take away.1. I am going to adjust light bar by turning it up or down,2. buy the insulation for pipes and use screw driver and push strip in each grove on back of light bar man told me it last for about a year. 3.the other is some kind of a clear dome or bubble aerodynamic that you remove light bar and put it inside of dome or bubble then put back on.
The man at the shop said it like putting a 2x4 across the top of the cab. lol
Hope it helps if you are thinking about light bars.
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