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Lease deal?

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I am working with a few dealerships on a rebel. looking at the 2016 and 2017 rebel. Let me know what deals you have received lately on your lease so that i can have some fuel for my battle with the dealerships.
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This thread may be your friend: http://www.ramrebelforum.com/forum/dealers-purchasing-ordering/1474-so-really-how-much.html

It's a good 13 pages of what other paid in full or lease. Maybe depending on which area you live in, someone could have posted what they got for their rebel near your area.
what deals are they offering you?

rebel16 got a pretty good deal.

I have to check all my paperwork for details. I am in RI i went in 0 money out of pocket just sign 465 month 24 month 12k a year. Just to give you idea. Truck was 54,720 sticker.
I just got mine last night. Settled on a 2016 Black one with an MSRP of 53,640. I am on a 36month lease for 463/month. is that a good deal?
So far I've gotten $1995 down, 36mo, 10k for $500's plus taxes and fees for a $50,965.

Also $570-$590 for 36mo, 10k
And $675-$695 for 24mo, 10k

Idk where you guys are buying. One dealer has 6 for $50-$51k and selling for $40-$41k!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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