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Just got my 2016 Rebel!

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Hey all just got my Rebel on the 29th! Got an amazing deal and couldn't say no! Got a full loaded Rebel right under 56k sticker. Ram Box, dark silver no two tone. Just clean and sexy! I will post pictures in a little.

Live in Show Low Arizona got my truck from Larry Miller Dodge in Tucson who traded Chapman for the truck in phx! haha! This made my day at the dodge dealer last almost 12 hours! But omg it was worth it!!! The truck is amazing.

My Father has a 14 ram 1500 with the air ride and bed box and all the ****. I loved it and how he could actually tow good amounts and still get good mpg while doing it and crazy good without trailer. I have always been a diesel guy and still am. But, wow i love this truck. tons of power never feels out of it cause of the 8 speed. And i know for a fact that these can put 3k in the bed and still pull a trailer behind them with a car on it. My family has a indoor shooting range and we take lead down to tucson. We put 3k of lead in his bed and then my 3k trailer with a car on it and it did it like nothing. He said he could tell something was in the bed but it had no trouble. I was very impressed cause that used to be 2500-3500 area but with the air ride these things are amazing!! So, don't listen to dodge pay load is way more than they say.

Cheers! love the forum! Do i not see the for sale section yet?? or does it not exist?
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Yep, the truck can haul quite a bit. But GVWR is only 6800 lbs. That's the engineering rating for the frame and air suspension. They of course factor in a safety margin. And the truck already weighs between 5400 and 5600 lbs. That's why they show a load rating of around 1/2 ton on the door jamb. If you haul a lot more and something breaks, Ram isn't under any obligation to fix it under warranty. And if you are caught exceeding the GVWR that's a stiff fine in many states.

Good luck. It's a great truck. Hope it continues to serve you well.
Transporting lead is one of the best reasons for getting a capable truck that I have heard in quite a while. Glad to hear its doing the job well.

An indoor shooting range, huh? Just curious, why indoors as opposed to outdoors? Is it like part of your home, or a business?
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