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Just bought mine!

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Just bought my 2016 Rebel on Friday! It is my first Ram and I love it!


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Congrats on the new Rebel and it looks great! Did it come with the nerf bars or did you have the dealership install them?
It came with the nerf bars.

I just put a K&N CAI on this past weekend as well.
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I just put a K&N CAI on this past weekend as well.
I'll warn ya, this adds lead to your foot!
I could tell on my way into work this morning!

I have spent most my day trying to figure out what I want to do next?

1. Flowmaster Exhaust

2. Undercover Swing Box

3. Bug shield

4. Window tint

Trying to prioritize!
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Congrats! Looks great! ??
Still waiting on mine to show up, been 7 weeks, can't wait much longer
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