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Wanted to say hello to everyone. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who is a member on the site. Before I ever purchased a pick-up truck, this site helped me make my final decision. lt was between the F-150, Silverado and Rebel. Since this was going to be my first pick-up truck and I was finally going to pull the trigger on this had to make the right choice. I went to the dealership and just took a look at the Rebel one day, I actually didn't even test drive it because I was not prepared to make a deal. I knew then this was going to be my first pick-up truck. A week later I went back test drove it and went home with my new 2016 Rebel. I never even test drove the other two trucks. Granted there have been some issues. Already had the axle recall and having an intermittent issue with the display screen telling me I am stuck in a gear (when I am not), but I will get to that in a forum later on. Love my truck didn't even realize how muck until it was in the shop for three days during the recall.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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