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The reason why the newer Rebels have black projectors with chrome shrouds is because the black projectors with black shrouds are no longer made.

I found out the hard way and I'm PISSED about it. :mad: I guess I'll have to get use to the way it looks.

About 5 weeks ago I took my truck back to the dealership because my headlight housings had broken clips. Both the pass. and driv. side broken top clips and my pass. side headlight had a broken lower tab causing the headlight to wiggle when I hit bumps in the road.

A few days ago I got the call that the replacement headlights were in and ready to be installed. When I took a look at my truck, I noticed that I now have the chrome bezel projectors. Immediately walked back in and questioned them about it and they told me that the all black projectors are no longer made and they have switched to the chrome bezel with black housing. Not believing them, they showed me the memo from Chrysler.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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