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Just recently found the forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. I just took delivery of a 2017 Rebel in Blue Streak Pearl! Took me quite a while to find it, apparently it's not an easy color to get ahold of. It happened to have every option I wanted (with exception of larger fuel tank), so I took it (Those Ram Boxes and NAV are a MUST for me!).

Anyway, I'll probably be on here checking out peoples mods and asking for help/suggestions from time to time. I usually start modding my trucks as soon as I get them, although this one seems to have be quite nice for being "stock."

Here's a pic of my new Rebel, my other blue toy (SlingShot SL), and my 2014 truck (which I'll be selling soon). I can't wait to get my truck and SS washed up and get a nice pic of the two together... Might have to get the wife to do a little modeling if I can talk her into it! ;)


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