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Headlight Treatment

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I hadn't seen this before. I don't know if I like the color combo of the paint work, but the whole unit is pretty cool.

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I know I am done tearing stuff apart on my truck. It's someone elses turn to experiment.

You have to put your headlights in the oven and then pry them apart....I'd end up with duct taped headlights.

I really like the stock lights that we have.
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Nope, I'm past those days. But the concept of color selection in the light is pretty nice. Having your choice of what goes in there.
I had Jeremy from Retroshop make me some custom headlight and foglights on my 2011 Ram and they looked great but they were kind of pricey so I removed them from the truck before I traded it in for my Rebel. I was tempted to do another round of custom lights with the Rebel, but knowing I will trade it in eventually it just isnt worth dropping down that much cash for a temporary vanity accessory. There are some pretty tempting custom designs though.
Did you bake and pry open the headlight yourself?
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