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Hard bed cover

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Who has them, what brand, any leaking issues?
Want to get one that opens completely up
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Love my Extang Tri-Fold Hard Cover. It lets a few drops of water in from time-to-time (mostly from the tailgate area), but nothing to complain about in the bed of a truck. It doesn't fold open completely, but I can remove the entire thing in about 2 minutes.
I think Bak Bakflip has one as well, tri-fold respectively and I've seen pretty decent reviews on them
I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but the G4 Elite looks great in that you can get in from the back or the front. They do a great comparison with the Bak G2 on you tube. I know a guy locally who is selling BAK products for $650, new in box, so may jump that way. Let us know what you decide.
I like the Bakflip g2 or the Gator Evo Tonneau Cover bi-fold. Not much difference between 2 and 3 panels in my opinion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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