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Happy Day!!

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Last night I went to a charity car show at the dealership where I ordered my Rebel. As I pulled up there sat a car carrier with my truck! Today I picked it up and brought it home, 9 weeks and 2 days from order to delivery. Love it so far! Ride is great, interior very comfortable, plenty of storage space. Will be out on the highways and byways tomorrow for a complete shakedown run.


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Looks good. I see yours came with chrome rings on the lights.
It looks like from the pictures that one taillight has the chrome ring and one doesn't. Should be without the chrome trim on the rebel. I would have the dealer correct that if you haven't mentioned it already to them.
Congrats on the truck looks good.
Good Eye! The Dealer picked it up when they did their inspection. The one with the white trim around the edge is a taillight off a Lamamie.
Congrats, that's to cool for it to there that day. Starting to think the plant needs some new final inspectors or they need glasses
is your front bumper crooked too?

congratulations on the new truck
Congrats on the new truck, it's beautiful.
Congrats on the Rebel.

That color combination is one of my favorites, mostly because the black exterior helps to blend with the interior's color scheme.
Looks great (other than the little things you are already aware of) Congrats on getting the new truck and enjoy.

*I agree with Dodgeguy2261 that they seriously need someone to do better Q/A checks at the plant because apparently someone was taking one **** of a lunch break !*
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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