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Greetings from San Antonio (via Middle East)

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I am currently deployed to the middle east, but my wife traded in my 2015 WRX for my 2016 Granite Rebel today. Super excited to be getting back into a truck.

i got rid of my 2014 Tundra for a the WRX last year, because I thought I wanted another tuner car, but man was I wrong. Worst mistake ever, but I'm back into another truck and excited to drive it and mod it when I get back in October.
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Thanks for your service brother - stay safe! Congrats on your purchase. You'll love this truck - I sure do! I have been through my fair share of trucks and the Ram Rebel is the first truck that I actually want to pay off and keep.
Thank you for your service sir !

Did you end up making any modifications to the WRX at all ??
That's my little guy in the car.

Nah I bought the car in Novemer and 3 weeks later a Sierra pulled out in front of me and it spent 4.5 months in the shop. It was his fault so they paid for everything, but I deployed in Feb so I didn't even get to drive it. I go through cars a lot. Usually because I settle and say I will add it later and I never do. The longest I've ever kept a car was my 2008 Evo X. I bough tin January 2008 when I returned from Iraq and sold and it and bought a 2014 Mustang GT in 2014 when I PCS'd from Hawaii back to Texas. I had the mustang for a year and got the Tundra Crewmax, which was beautiful but not 4x4. I traded that in for a 2015 WRX and the rest is history.


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However I had about 15K in mods to my Evo X. It was running 11.7 at the San Antonio Speedway. I moded my mustang too, ie tune, Boss Intake manifold, removed cats, full exhaust and tune. It was a nice car, but man when I got to San Antonio the where everywhere and I hated it.
Oh man, you've definitely been through quite a few fine cars I see ! That's great to hear though, true enthusiast in and out !

11.7 is a pretty good bump from stock. Stock was like 13.0 or something ?
When it was bone stock the fastest I could get it down the track was 13.81. But, I like to think I got better at launching and shifting as I modded it over the 5 years I had it. Loved that car. I wouldn't mind picking up another one, used of course.
I was always fond of the Evo 8's .... well I mean, who wasn't. But, I wasn't fond of the price tags.. I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on something that old
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