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Fording Water

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So given the current state of things around Houston. Does anyone know the actual depth the rebel is designed to handle?
I only had time to do a quick search and did find anything so I figured I would ask.

I still haven't been able to purchase a Rebel, but when I do I would like to know that limit. I don't like to cross water unless I have to and know what my vehicle can handle.
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If I lived in Houston I would buy a Chris Craft not a Rebel.
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To be safe I wouldn't go deeper than below the door jams. Any higher you might allow water in through the axle vent tube on the rear.
When you float, it's too deep. LOL.

Be sensible when crossing water, below any cab openings would be your best answer. The axle vents are normally mounted high with rubber hose and a valve, so I doubt you would flood them out before you started swimming in the cab.
IMO, no more than where your door starts. That's the deepest I've seen a Ram gone.

If you're hoping for something like this, just get a hummer instead.

As stated before, the Open Country tires on the Rebel are HORRIBLE in rain. So, I wouldn't even begin to suggest driving in a flood.

- Rebel from Pearland.
I actually have a Rubicon currently, although I am looking at replacing it with a Rebel. I think my Jeep is listed good for 31", which would put the doors in the water.

I just find it interesting that Ram doesn't post any figures on this, when they post 30" for the Powerwagon (or used to, not sure if they still do).

Honestly it is one of those things I would want to know but hope I never need that knowledge. If I ever got to the point where I felt I needed to drive out in a flood, I wouldn't care about the interior. The intake, vent lines, and electronics that are critical to the motor running are all that would matter.

I know the dangers and what happens if you get water where it shouldn't be.

Oh well, I guess I will get under it an measure if I can make a deal for Rebel.
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