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For sale.

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stock tires and wheels, not too sure what to ask for them,.

Anyone here want to make an offer. 4300 miles on them. Going to put them on ramforumz too, once they allow me to post......
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Shipping will be expensive. Where are you? It's tempting to have some for summer and some for winter where I am. Lots of snow and road chemicals/sand/salt used by highway departments.
north dakota, i won't have a use for them after the 14th
doing the 4 inch lift and these stock wheels won't fit.

need 75 posts to post them for sale on ramforumz, I am at zero posts........
For what it's worth, I sold my 2013 Jeep Rubicon stock wheels and tires on ebay and got more than I thought I would. I offered local pickup only. Worked out great. I got $1500 for them with 19,000 miles on the tires.
I sold 2 cars on ebay classifieds very easily. Knew my price, didn't bother with auctions. You can also list them on Craigslist. Lots of guys check there for deals on used and/or new stuff.
I've sold two vehicles (including my 02 dakota) on kijiji.ca in hours, not days. It's free and easy. I think it's known as classifieds.com in the US.
I sold my Rebel wheels an tires on craigslist for $1200 in 1 week.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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