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Fog Light Malfunction?

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So I just took delivery of my Rebel...

Thought I had checked everything but I guess I got distracted by those epic seats (can't believe some reviewers don't like them!).

Anyways come nightfall I figured I'd check out the fog lights because my old Ford's worst flaw was flat out awful stock lighting.

Turned them on, they flashed on for a split second and then stopped working.

Now whenever I have them on and put it into drive, the fog lights flash and quit.

Anybody else having this problem? I'm gonna swing by my local dealer tomorrow, but I'm wondering if anybody has had the same problem yet?
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Mine just started doing this same thing 2 days ago. Post up what the dealer finds out, please.
wow that sucks if there are failing so quickly! Fingers crossed its some loose connection and not failure so early.
Can you post the part number when your dealer looks into it? I think these lights can be retrofitted into other chrysler cars
If it's already happening to 2 rebels it could be a widespread problem. At least the warranty should cover it if it does need replacing.
They've ordered some sort of control module. Kinda didn't sound like they had a clue.

I'll update when I know more.
Just thought I'd bump this. The control module was not the problem. The dealership has no idea lol.. they're "working on it".

I've read about other owners having mulitple fuses not seated correctly. I would think the dealer would have checked this durring basic troubleshooting but might be worth taking another gander at it yourself. Could be a simple fix
Thanks for the bump, I'm following this closely. I just hope they're not keeping your truck all this time. I don't plan to take mine in until they have my other black headlamp on site.
I hope you find the problem... I have had mine for a month now and turned them on when I left the dealership and have kept them on ever since. No issues yet. Keep us posted
Did they ever figure it out: mine is doing it now too.
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