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FCA Vehicles Gain Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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The Consumer Electronic Show is happening right now, and the show has become one of the most interesting auto shows of the year. Of interest to us is FCA's reveal of its fourth-generation of Uconnect infotainment system.

The new infotainment system will feature faster startup times, more powerful processors, and more responsive touchscreens. The screens also have a higher resolution and are able to be brighter than previous generations.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the big additions though. Rollout could be slow since they will only be offered on the Uconnect 8.4 NAV system and "select others" in 2016. Not sure if that includes Ram Rebels sold in the near future.

FCA is also going to present a concept that "explores how personalized driving experiences can seamlessly integrate a vehicle, technology, the environment and people to help drivers achieve Car. Life. Balance." Whatever that means.

We do know that it will feature Vehicle-to-X communications technology and a "workload manager" which minimizes distractions when it detects the driver is in a "critical driving situation."An augmented reality heads-up display that transforms the windscreen into a digital display also will be featured.

FCA Uconnect infotainment systems gain Apple CarPlay & Android Auto support | Wcf news | Motor1.com
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It runs Google Map so I'm sold already. Can't the Rebel system be upgraded to 8.4?

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My Rebel is 8.4 already. Without the 8.4N (Nav). I think most Rebels are. I've only heard about a couple that were 5.0.
I wonder if those of us who have the 8.4 without Nav could upgrade both at the same time?
My Rebel is 8.4 already. Without the 8.4N (Nav). I think most Rebels are. I've only heard about a couple that were 5.0.
Im thinking lots of the Canadian models have the 5.0. After I bought mine(5.0 version) I looked around and noticed the majority of Rebels I found around here have the 5.0. I like my 5.0 with the alpine system better then my 8.4 I had in my '14 Sport....if I had the Nav in my '14, it would probably be a different story though. With all that being said, I would love to upgrade to that Alpine x009-ram but the price is ridiculous! So I'm still hoping some comes around that's in a better price range.
How did you guys get no nav???

Mine came with it free for lifetime of vehicle

I double checked with unconnect and they confirmed it
It was a dealer option for $599, I decided against it.
8.4 and adding NAV doesn't quite get you to an 8.4N that includes NAV... which I discovered after-the-fact. Not sure the exact differences, but I know it's missing HD radio and that fancy City/3D View feature in the maps. I think 8.4N is a higher powered unit, too.

My guess would be you'll need the 8.4N to get this, or likely a whole different radio, just so we have to buy new trucks!
My 8.4 has the HD radio. Someone probably screwed up.
I wonder if the software upgrade can be done on my 2015 8.4n
I wonder if the software upgrade can be done on my 2015 8.4n
I think that it is possible. Possible enough to enquire at your dealer.
That would be awesome if you can just do a software update. I already have the 8.4N.
I bought this one to gain wireless Carplay and Android Auto.
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