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Factory bed extender and tonneau cover issue.

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My truck came installed with the tri-fold tonneau cover. I purchased and installed the mopar bed extender today. However I am having issues with locking the tonneau cover when the bed extender is flipped inside. The bed extender is interfering with the latch mechanism that locks the tonneau cover. Basically I cannot lock the tonneau cover because the latch needs to be at a complete vertical to lock and unlock and the bed extender only allows for the latch to go 120 degrees.

my question is does anyone else have the factory tonneau cover and bed extender installed on their trucks and having a similar issue?
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There's notes in the bed extender literature that state it isn't compatible.
Great! Thanks Johnny! I went to the dealership today and they informed me of the same.
I do take off the top side rails of my extender. I did on every truck I owned..
Leber - it is the latch on the rail that goes from left to right of the bed extender.
I will post picture of my set up when I get Chance.
I am talking about taking off bars from extender. Mine is after market I don't know if possible with MOPAR BED extender.
leber - please do post some pics. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I will be trying out an ingenious trick this week. If it works then everyone will have a solution to install the factory tonneau cover with the factory mopar bed extender.
Here are few pics taken this morning. Sorry it was still dark.


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I have an AMP Bed Extender HD that I took off my FX-4. It is about 1" too long so I was going to cut 1" off all the bars and put it all back together. This might be an option so I can use the tonneau cover with it as well.
i got my bed extender to work with the factory tonneau cover. The cover has three sections. In the first section closest to the tailgate, I simply moved the cross bar as back as I possibly could which then allowed the latch to clear the bed extender. The second, middle, section has two cross bars, I moved the first one closer to the tailgate only by an inch or two. I did this because when i moved the cross bar back in the first section it would then touch the cross bar on the second section when i fold the tonneau cover preventing it to lay flat. So i moved one cross bar only enough so that when I fold the first section on top of the second section the cross bars allow the sections to fold flat.

No cutting, drilling etc.
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Lasani1121...... I did exactly as you suggested and it worked good.....much thanks for the info....you saved me a major problem
Jeffo- So glad to hear it worked for you as well.
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