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Dumb question incoming!!

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So I haven't cracked the owners manual open yet but, how the "exploitive deleted" do you turn on the rear cabin light!!?
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typically you push on them, or click the dash dimmer switch all the way up. Usually there is a "notch" you will hit and can go over to turn on all interior lights.
Ha yea. Like every other vehicle I've owned. Except moving the dimmer switch all the way right (which would normally turn all interiors on) doesn't turn the back one on.

I sure do love having a 5 year warranty on everything! To the stealership!!
I had the same problem with mine. Not really a problem once I figured it out. haha Mine wouldn't come on with an open door or playing with the dimmer switch. I pushed mine (it's like a button) and now, it turns on when it should.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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