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Digital Monitor

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Hi! I want to get a digital monitor for my RAM. I have this Edge digital monitor which was used on a Ford Powerstroke https://www.bcdiesel.ca/en/edge-insight-cs2-color-screen. Will it work on my ride? If not, can someone recommend me good digital monitors?
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I called them once and they told me it will work. I have the monitor with me. I did not purchase it. I got it from a person who had a Ford. I want to know if anyone is using this on their RAM? :|
The Rebel is a new trim model and this forum reflects that. The membership is small compared to more general Ram forums. You really should ask that question on the more general forums to reach a larger audience. I don't know the exact numbers here, but you're probably talking to about 100 people that read this every day? Go to a regular forum, tens of thousands might be reading it. You're more likely to run across someone that's done this. The Hemi isn't specific to the Rebel trim model. Best advice I can give you.
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Yup, this is more of a community you divert to if you just want all Rebel specific stuff. But a large portion of people here will still have to refer back to those larger sites. Almost makes me think this forum should be merged with one of those large ones.
Is it possible to plug it in and see if it works? Or will that mess up something in the Rebel?
Is it possible to plug it in and see if it works? Or will that mess up something in the Rebel?
That's what I was thinking, that one source reported above said it should work.

One thing that might help is checking in with a local vendor that sells these, ask them if they can test it for you, at least that way you don't have to buy it, test, and maybe sell as used later.

It is after all a $400+ product.
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