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I currently have the stock tires that came on my 16 Rebel. They are at about 36,000 miles and getting to the point im looking at changing them before i take a big trip in a few months.
This brings up the questions.
1- why does the front tires have to be at 55 PSI and the rear at 45 psi? i find this strange usually its the other way around.
2- what tires do you recommend?
3- has anyone heard of Thunderer TRAC GRIP M/T Mud R? Found them shopping around and surprisingly they came up on amazon and have all great reviews and are around $140 a tire which seems crazy cheap to me.
4- if i would go to a tire such as that will i have any problems keeping the correct tire pressures that are recommended per RAM and will i have any extra tire wear?
New to the forum here and trying to get a little help along the way. Thank you all ahead of time!
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