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Deezee aint eazee

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Good Lord.

The one expandable bolt that goes in just would not work for me. Watched at least 20+ videos, finally gave up, called Deezee and send me an new expandable bolt, it was a freaking nightmare. Nothing like doing your first mod and having an issue with one tiny piece of crap bolt that really could be just on the darn tail to being with. Followed every darn instruction. Made sure not to move allen wrench, marked the nut and still could not get that sucker to tighten.

Ok rant over until I get my replacement part :)
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I put a small piece of masking tape over the hole in the tailgate, punched the expandable nut through it, and then followed instructions. Before doing that, the **** thing just kept spinning around and wouldn't expand.
Been there done that. I know I struggled with it as well so you are not alone in that battle. Good luck with the replacement.
I noticed the Adventures guy who makes all the videos didn't include that piece in his as I'm sure he was swearing left and right for an hour lol. Good Times!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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