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Climate control or 4WD Auto? Limited vs. Rebel?!

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Is climate control or "auto" AC available? How about Auto 4WD. Can't seem to find a rebel with it?! Thinking about trading my limited for a rebel vs. buying new wheels/tires/bumper but lot's a little trade off it seems. Anything else I'm missing vs a 2015 limited? Thanks!
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As far as I know those 2 options are not available.
I know Auto 4X4 is for sure not an option. Not sure about auto AC, I don't remember seeing it on the build options list.
Neither are options for the Rebel, having traded in a 2011 Sport with both of those options I thought I would miss them more. I don't miss them at all.
There's a pretty detailed thread on here explaining how the auto 4x4 transfer case used clutches and isn't nearly as good as a regular partime TC
Auto dual zone now shows as an option on the NADA site. When you build and price a rebel.
Air Conditioning Atc W/Dual Zone Control $100. Maybe late availability. Not listed on the
Ram site though.
I was told no Auto 4x4 or climate control on the 2015 or 2016. And compared to a Limited, there's a lot missing on the inside, some of which are surprising at this price point. And some of which do show in their marketing materials.

It wasn't an easy decision for me to trade my loaded Sport, but the deal just got too sweet to pass up. I wanted the outside upgrades more than the inside downgrades, and so far don't regret it.

Just make sure you go over the details with a fine tooth comb, especially coming from a Limited.
You can get auto ac

I know no ventilated seats... anything else missing you guys can think of?

Dealer confirmed that AUTO AC is available for 2016... $100 option?! From build sheet:

HAF - Air Cond ATC w/Dual Zone Control $100
dang that sucks, would have liked the dual zone on my 16. so far its not really been an issue though.
It's missing these, too:

Auto High Beams
Rain sensitive wipers
LED interior lighting (silly, since bulbs cost $20)
Power adjustable pedals/wheel
Memory functions for settings
Keyless enter-n-go (it's an option that cannot be installed after-the-fact)
Rear Defroster (another option, and you'll likely have a button that works regardless)

But, you do get heated seats/wheel.
I'm kind of surprised that some of these things are still options, but it's a smart move since they know people who really want these will still pay a fair amount to get said features.
Well part of it is likely due to the planned refresh next year for 1500's, I bet a number of those will be standard in the next round.
Dual Auto Air Control is now available, it just be came available on the last order cycle mid October.
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