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Was searching around the boards and didn't really find a comprehensive thread about cleaning and protective products. Obviously there are tons out there, but I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite products are...maybe there is a consensus around certain categories. Would be cool if we listed them off by category. Feel free to add a category I missed! Might be best to copy and paste my list and just change what I put in.

Glass-I've always liked invisible glass, cheap and does a great job, the foam doesn't run either which is nice
EXterior Trim-Meguiars gold class vinyl/rubber protectant
Interior Trim-Meguiars natural shine protectant
Carpet-never really used one. Had an aerosol can with a built in yellow brush, was ok I guess
Leather-never had a vehicle with leather until now
Tires-black Magic Tire foam (I alway wipe it down afterward, I hate having tires fling oil over my truck, and not super into a wet look
Wheels-meguiars gold class all wheel cleaner
Wash/soap-armor all car wash (strong dilution of simple green if really filthy or bug ridden)
Wax-meguiars gold class carnauba plus liquid wax
Polish-never used anything
Clay-never have done clay bar myself
Washer Fluid-Rain X Bug Remover
Chrome-blue Magic metal polish cream

What do you all prefer? (And what do you use on the rebel seats and dash?)

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Glass : Invisible Glass
Exterior trims : Autoglym vinyl and rubber care
Interior trim : Autoglym vinyl and rubber care
Carpet : Some industrial thing my buddy got for me from work
Leather : Meguiars leather cleaner/conditioner
Wheels : Sonax wheel cleaner / Iron X
Wash/Soap : Meguiars ultimate wash and wax
Wax : Meguiars gold class carnauba / Meguiars quick wax
Polish : Meguiars M205
Clay : NanoSkin towel fine
Washer Fluid : Rain X
Chrome : Window cleaner typically

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Adams products across the board. I also have a pretty good investment in different microfiber towels.

Adams Car shampoo
Adams wheel cleaner
Adams interior detail
Adams Super VRT for black trim and tires
I had my truck treated with Opti-Coat Pro+ when brand new so Ill never have to wax. I just use Adams detail spray or Optimum Detail Spray and Gloss enhancer whenever I wash/dry my truck.
For glass Adams glass cleaner and glass sealant.
Of course I use a 3 bucket wash method and have a small leaf blower to help dry the truck.
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