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Bigger wheels 20 or 22"

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hey guys, i'm planning to put bigger wheels on the truck, and debating between 20 or 22".

Don't go off roading much and if I ever will. Mostly used for daily and light duty work purposes. I was originally considering 20" wheels, but now may be considering 22" wheels. Seen some GMC trucks with OE 22 inches and they look great.

I know the ride quality will compromise, but anything else? I believe the tire profile will be 55 for 20" and 45 for the 22". Thanks
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It's your truck so do what you will...but I wouldn't go anything bigger 18" on the Rebel. Why buy a truck that is so off road capable just to throw some skinny rubber on it? 20"...especially 22" rimmed tires are expansive with not many options out there. Also, working in a tire shop, I have seen a lot of issues with 22" OEM rims as they get bent so easily and if you live in an area that has crappy roads you'll have to be extra careful not to bend a rim.
I am going to use my 20 Black Rhinos from my 2012 sport that I am trading in. I will keep the stock wheels/tires for winter and put my 20's on for summer. I have to get new tires for them, since I need bigger tires now. I havent had an issue with ride quality with the 20's. but like noted earlier it is all personal preference, do what makes you happy, its your truck.
Thanks. Most likely will go with 20's, I feel it's the perfect balance between look and ride quality
will the 20's fit ok with the adjustable air ride
will the 20's fit ok with the adjustable air ride
Depends on the offset, but they should be fine. If they fit an earlier Sport, the clearances are pretty much the same. Unless you start getting into really tall tires.
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