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Automatic folding mirrors

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Is it possible to have the mirrors fold in automatically when you park or is it only from the button?
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Is it possible to have the mirrors fold in automatically when you park or is it only from the button?
Only from the button.. and they don't unfold when you are driving automatically either..
Wouldn't be surprised if a few have driven around with their mirrors folded. Ram should have made the unfolding an automatic function, makes more sense IMO.
I fold my mirrors every time I cross a bridge over here. I've seen many mirrors get smashed off from mirror on mirror contact with semis and other vehicles cause it's a super tight bridge. I love having that option to close them while driving.
Well, when you put it that way manual would be better. Don't think there's a way to make them fold out automatically.
If you are driving around with your mirrors folded in because you didn't check them before taking off then here's your sign.
I just got my Rebel, a 2017, and I am obviously still learning it. They should have the option in the uconnect settings to have the mirrors fold when turned off and on automatically, with the option to manually override at anytime. They should also have an option to have all windows close when turned off as well. I have to check again but I think it doesn't have the mirror tilt in reverse option either?! Are these things that can be updated in software updates? And why tf can we not access uconnect mobile in Canada? Up here in the cold it would really help to be able to remote start from a cell.
There are devices you can buy that install as modules to do exactly this. With a little more intelligence, too. I can't vouch for the reliability of any of them. But there are companies selling these things. You can find them on Amazon and other places.
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