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audio screen

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is it just me or do the 15 models only come in the small screen unlike the sport models with the 8inch touch screen just got my rebel and it has the smaller screen
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dammit mine didn't come with big screen
No they dont come with an 8.4 screen, its an option. I asked ram about this because I didn't believe it my self and they confirmed it.
No, the Rebel has the 8.4" screen
only if you option the upgraded Uconnect 8.4
And at the dealership near me, none has the navigation option
I'm in Canada and they all have the 8.4 with Bluetooth but don't appear to have the Navigation (saw this in the options listings online)

This seems to be a very odd way of equipping these nice trucks.
The Uconnect 8.4 RA3 unit does not have navigation stock but for $600 (which I thought was steep but paid for it anyway) the dealer can activate the navigation functionality. It has about 99% of the full functionality of the RA4 head unit but it is nice and works great. I also like how when a turn is coming up the truck also displays it on the screen in the gauge console. It's not well advertised because the only way I found out navigation could be added was by a little note in the truck's package description. "GPS capable, ask dealer for details"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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