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Are the Toyo Tire tread accents too much or just enough?

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Been seeing some complaints about how RAM has been using Toyo Tire tread accents too much, on the seat and even on the cluster slash screen, even on the uconnect theme. Are you finding this to be too much or just enough?

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They probably got the Toyo tires for free in trade for plastering the Toyo design on everything. But if that was the case then we should have got a Toyo spare tire
They had even more of a reason to do just that with the Rebel being the model it is, making it that much more of a well rounded package. Maybe in a future year model they'll do it.
I actually really like the Toyo tires design on the Rebel seats. Gives it a bit more character compared to the other trucks out there.
My beef is it doesn't give people the option to opt out, unlike something like a digital back splash which you can.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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