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Anyone else have this problem?

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I've noticed that the plastic fender flares, plastic grill and bumpers are "fading." It could be that I just didn't clean my truck in about 2 months but I cleaned/detailed my truck and that didn't help my plastics and bumpers. I ended up buying some plastic restorer and that did the trick.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue on their ram...


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I hit the black with armor all. Keeps it shiny
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I give a quick swipe with the tireshine when I wipe the tires down. Looks great and lasts a while. Armor All tire foam.
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Once, I used the wrong product on the fenders and gave it a faded look. Maybe you or a local car wash did the same thing? After that, I went back to the original Armor All and all the parts cleared up.

Armor All ALSO works great on the powder coated bumpers.
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Aerospace 303 has high uv protectant, last longer than Armorall and won't run when you wash the truck like Armorall. Ultima Tire and Trim Guard Plus is the best I found for bringing back faded plastic. Trust me I've used them all.
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Over the years I have tried all kinds of things to restore faded black cladding like back to black, armor all, and even the highly regarded Aerospace 303. After one rainstorm they all rinse away immediately and you are left with your original faded black all over again. I've never really found a permanent answer other than to just live with it knowing however you try to hide it, it will return to being faded again after rain hits it.
Thanks for the advice everyone!
There is a spray paint out there made specifically for this purpose. Do you want to spray it??�� idk but it is out there too...
Check out the jeep sites. Everyone over there has suggestions 'cause fenders and tops are all plastic. Lots of folks there use the Turtle Wax Ice Spray. Supposed to be UV and not leave white residue. I used it and it didn't bring color back but seemed to work OK on non faded plastic. There is a company that makes "Rat Wax" for flat black hot rods, again UV and no residue. Don't do the peanut butter that folks were trying a couple of years ago. I used the Ultima for years (and still do) and it worked the best for me. Won't wash off and lasts 3-4 months. Used it on a 13 year old X-terra where the plastic had faded from dark grey to black and it brought them back after a couple of applications. If car/truck makers are going to use the **** you'd think they'd find a way to eliminate the fading. The world is going to **** and it's dragging my ass along with it, and they keep raising the price of beer!
There is nothing known that can stop fading completely. UV is pretty destructive over the long haul.
Best you can do is take preventative measures to make the color last longer. How much for the Ultima?
A heat gun on plastic also brings back color but must be careful of paint..not too hot..
Aerospace 303. Started using it with the first wash. Buy it by gallon at Amazon.
No, but i do keep her in my garage and out of the high desert heat here in Nevada
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