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another FYI for you

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Before you jack your truck up, do an alignment, get on a hydraulic lift or take the wheels off the ground turn off the air ride. Uconnect> settings> suspension. then pick the jack mode to turn it off.

Whew after hours on Ramforumz i came across why my truck is so far out of adjustment after getting the lift kit installed.
They didn't turn it off before lifting the truck in the air which allowed the bags to completely extend and let the truck go into a limp mode. They said they had a hard time at alignment shop too because the truck kept wanting to rasie and lower itself.

Hope a reset takes care of everything and makes it new again.
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Hey Joe, I'm sorry to hear your having issues with the install. Personally, I would much rather have an issue with a product, than the installers. I feel like a pro should know what they're doing no matter how new the air suspension system is. It's not even that new and has been available on Ram's for a few years. Anyway, don't mean to pile on. I hope it gets fixed asap. Cheers my friend.
wow that sucks. keep us posted. like to hear the outcome.
Bds has been messaging me to wondering what's going on with the truck too

Thinking I should ask them to contact the installer to pay for a tow truck. Truck won't get out of entry/exit mode.
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