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You know the exciting feeling you get as you drive away from the dealership knowing your going to be very happy with your new truck? Well, that was what my wife and i had as we drove the 53 highway miles to our home. It was dusk and when we got out we could smell an awful hot grapefruit smell coming from under the truck. Imagine our thoughts after spending the 55+++K on our new Rebel. Oily puddles everywhere under the engine and tranny and on our new asphalt driveway. It was dark now and not much I could do - but seriously fume! The next day I crawled under and everything was dripping. Not happy. Best I could figure was it was tranny fluid and coming from somewhere...... and at 65-70 mph on the ride home blew everywhere. The smell was nasty - as was my attitude toward the first person who picked up the phone at the dealership moments later. By 10AM I'm back at the dealership (advised by the Service Manager it would be okay but it any dash lights came on to pull over and call) being greeting by everybody except the car wash guy. Promises of fixes and perks were flying out of everyones mouths. I lift with a rental.

Ended up being a cracked tranny line next to the radiator at a pre-formed crimp spot. Just a unforeseen/unknown defect that somehow just happened to be my murphy time. Since no parts were available, the put a Ram Limited up on the rack next to mine and swapped out the lines and cleaned everything up. It was a F......ing job for the tech to do but I will admit but somehow it got cleaned.

Bottom line in my mind - can I every trust that the tranny wasn't damaged internally even though I saw no warning lights?

I also had this strange vibration from under the truck at speeds between 30-45 which was intermittent. Again, an in-depth crawl under to investigate. Found out the gas tank skid plate was rubbing against the gas tank heat shield. And I paid how much for this truck!! And In case your wondering, the only dirt its been on is a friends driveway. Took a chunk of old Jeep floor mat and wedged it between the two and the vibration stopped.

Both issues of a complete Tranny check-out and the skid plate being messed up will be addressed at the dealership next week. And I've only got 3500 miles on it.

Anyone else had any similar issues?? I keep my fingers crossed that no more surprises crop up.
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