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i all. I have a 2015 Bighorn that I replaced the front with a Rebel front end, including the bumper. In doing so I had to remove the front parking sensors from the original Bighorn chrome bumper as the Rebel bumper did not come with parking sensors.

I would like to put them back on but not sure if this is doable with the Rebel bumper and if there is enough space behind the bumper for the sensor housing and plug.

So, 2 hopefully easy questions:

1. Does anyone have any insight or experience with this? I don't want to go drilling into the bumper if the housing/plug of the sensors will not fit behind it.

2. There are 5 sensors that came off the original. From the looks of the Rebel bumper I may only be able to place 4 of them where they would be useful. Will the system, still work if 1 of the sensors is not plugged in?

Thanks everyone ahead of time. Love the site and the outstanding ideas found on here; it has cost me thousands at this point in "refinements".

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