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A bit of news

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not really anything new but its nice to see an official doc.
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Did you miss putting a link in this post or something?
Couldn't get the link to post lol, It wasn't anything we don't know about the Rebel already just a Doc with the specs on it.
I see, I see. Where did you find said doc? Was it on the Ram website or something?
e-mail forwarded to me from dealer
Sort of figured it might not have been anything new but probably something special considering how well put together they would make such a document, even better as print :D
Sort of figured it might not have been anything new but probably something special considering how well put together they would make such a document, even better as print :D
i'd keep a printed version, always like printed docs like that.
Has anyone heard this?

I am stationed overseas and have the opportunity to use Exchange New Car Sales (ENCS) to purchase vehicles, and have them delivered to the dealership of my choice. With that being said, I went in today to ask if he could see when they were going to release the build schedule, and he stated that the Rebel was pushed back from July/August to December. He also said they changed it from 2015 model year to 2016. I thought maybe he was wrong, said thanks and decided to do some research...I found a bit of confirmation on a Canadian Ram dealership's website that had a Rebel on the lot for a day for people to check out. Their staff stated that it wouldn't be available until "the end of the year".

Anybody hear anything like this? I am totally hoping that I am wrong; I rotate out of here in August and want to order prior to leaving!
That will be very disappointing if it's true. But does give me more time to save!
I haven't been actively looking for that information yet, first time im hearing of the change in date. But with the confirmation you got, it sure seems like that decision is set in stone over at RAM.

Too bad its been pushed back to a longer date range, but it'll be worth it!
That would really suck! Well a few weeks ago I was on another forum where a member was on the inside of chrysler. He posted some items that were coming in the near future. One was called ram off-road package and the date of release. I asked him if this was the rebel he replied Yes. I have the pic on another device. When I get it in my hands I will post the pic.
Here is the pick I left it full so you can see other changes coming.


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That would be SWEET! I shot a message over to the Ram Truck contact I found on the Ram website in regards to the Exchange New Car Sales, and got a response back same day. The lady told me that she couldn't release any information, but the site's reference to a "Summer" release was still the target. She also let me know that certain vehicles were not available to the military through this program, so it could be that as well.

The more I think of it, is it possible that the Rebel would be available in Canada at the end of the year? Go to google and search Ram Rebel Canada and you'll find a site that actually received one from Ram to just check out for the day...see what you think.
I know Bigland said that the Rebel would be in Canada by years end so that was always the target up here...
What helps is there are specific codes used throughout that document that could help with searching for more info as it becomes available
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